Silver Arowana


Silver Arowana 

Best Silver Arowana

The silver arowana is one of the most sought after freshwater fish in the aquarium hobby. Known for its stunning silver coloration and sleek design, this fish has become increasingly popular among aquarists.


As its name suggests, the silver arowana has a striking silver color with dark scales along its back. Its body is long and torpedo-shaped, allowing it to swiftly move through the water. The fins of an arowana are large and fan-like, adding to its majestic appearance.


The silver arowana is a highly active fish that requires plenty of space to swim and explore. It is also known for its jumping ability, so having a tight-fitting lid on the aquarium is essential. These fish are also known for their aggressive nature, so it is best to keep them with other large and robust tank mates.

Tank Setup

In general, silver arowanas require a large tank with at least 125 gallons of water capacity. They prefer dimly lit tanks with plenty of hiding spots, such as driftwood or plants.