“Fish always come massive and in perfect health !! 0 scales missing !! Highly recommend, 10x better than any fish shop I’ve ever been in.”

James Carl / UK

“Fish arrived next day safely
very happy with it”

Charles Syrus / USA

Absolutely fantastic! From start to finish, my entire experience couldn’t have been better. I have used many similar services in the past, but I will certainly never go anywhere else in the future, now I have found the perfect fish supplier. Just being able to pick up the phone to discuss my choices, the purchasing process and any other stupid questions I may have, with a true gentleman, with friendly genuinely helpful expert advice thanks to Martyn. Then a very reasonable price for some spectacularly beautiful fish, exceptionally well packaged and delivered on time – and quick! Not to mention the incredible stock list, plus the ability to get hold of pretty much any fish and a great website. Thanks again Martyn. My only problem with all this, is I need more fish tanks…!

Tommy Paul / AUS

I recently bought a albino Arowana from Pacific Fish Depot. It came in the most secure and safe packaging with a heat pack and silver wrapping inside the poly box. The fish even ate on the same day 5 stars from me I will definitely be buying from them again thanks.

Micheal Shaw / UK
I ordered african malawi and tanganyika cichlids good delivery service came on the day I had picked fish are very beautiful and healthy very good prices.
Darren Joe / AUS
My third order with Pacific Fish Depot and yet again I couldn’t be happier, the fish were packaged well and all arrived live and well 🙂 I would fully recommend!!!
Daves Sharp / CA